Cold update.

Running on approximately two hours of sleep.

So far we have consumed 1x hot cross bun, 1x bowl of porridge, 1x jam donut (thanks, mum), 1x cream cheese bagel, 3x small cream cheese love heart shaped sandwiches, a handful of wotsits (don't judge), six slices of cucumber, 6x bourbon biscuits (kindly opened already by him), 3 cups of tea, four glasses and one beaker of water, not forgetting a bottle of baby milk.

We still feel like shit.

Cbeebies is doing my brain in, she doesn't want to watch Cougar Town or sleep so we've got ALL the toys out and are now about to read a book.

New word today is 'Hola'.

I would like to thank my darling husband for not keeping his germs to himself. Because what doesn't kill you, will surely just end in divorce.

(Can you tell I don't handle colds very well? I should probably man up, I have had a baby after all...)

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