What a bastard, huh?

After yesterday (Lil shut her fingers in a kitchen drawer), I screamed at my husband to get down to B&Q and buy everything necessary to stop it happening again. We knew we had to do it, she just never really spent a lot of time in the kitchen up until now when simply cannot leave her on her own for two seconds without her bashing her head or destroying everything in sight (books and DVD's are her thing).

So now not only is the kitchen baby-proofed, it's also fucking mummy-proofed. Today alone I have caught my finger in the drawer or cupboard six times. I've nearly yanked both my arm and the cupboard doors off more than I care to note (I'm stronger than I thought). It's going to take a lot of getting used to. And a lot of cursing and sore fingers...


  1. God this made me laugh! (Not the bit about lil getting fingers caught!) But I feel your pain. Literally. We live in a (stupid) uber modern rented flat at the moment while my partner works a contract down south. In our house babyproofing wouldn't be a problem but the bloody kitchen here is so 'uber' and so not baby suitable we can't even attach cupboard locks etc and so have to tie cable ties loosely around the cupboard handles. Hows that for not swearing when your in a rush?! Not good, let me tell you! x

    1. It's a bloody nightmare! Wow that sounds bad, I don't envy your baby proofing situation! x