Va Va Vr.... WAH.

Ok, so I tried to be all positive about the weather. I hate that we're on a hosepipe ban, it makes me sad, so the rain was a welcome relief.

But come on. ONE sunny day out of what seems like a thousand? Now you're just being mean.

This weather is making us glum. It's cold and Lil isn't a fan of the rain and I certainly am not a fan of the cold. So we've spent a lot of our time indoors (aside from yesterday when the weather was glorious) drawing and playing and watching those god damn Bubble Guppies. We're slowly going mad.

We want sunshine (in desperate need of some vitamin D) and warm breezes (ok maybe warm is too much to ask - cool, dry breezes). Come on Mama Nature... us other Mama's need you to step up.....

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