POP The Fashion Store

I kind of put fashion away in the cupboard since being pregnant. I've tried to get back in to it time again, promising myself I'll dedicated hours to Elle and Vogue each month but they often go unread. I'll find Lil ripping pages out of them or sitting on the bottom step of the stairs flicking through each copy, as though she's planning her new wardrobe or soaking up some inspiration for future outfits.

But just recently I've found my passion for all things pretty had started to creep up on me again, so it was perfect timing when I received the invite to the launch of new fashion haven, POP The Fashion Store. Grown up time away and the opportunity to surround myself with stylish Scandinavian and British labels (not to mention extremely stylish women), whilst sipping champagne.

The beautiful, talented woman behind the new store is Kaisa Larkas-Mossop: a fashion PR and journalist and supermum of three (she was my inspiration to start running again - this lady is also a fitness fanatic).

Not only does POP stock fresh new brands that are just starting to register on the fash packs radar, a lot of the brands are also ethical.

Beth top - Minna (made from 100% offcut and recycled fabrics)

The store is located in Olney, a cute little market town near Milton Keynes and Bedford. Tucked away in a cobbled courtyard, POP stands out from the crowd (independent coffee shops and boutiques for the older lady). The service Kaisa offers is immaculate, not pushy but helpful in that she knows her stuff... (high end fashion stores of London take note). 

Whether you're looking to spend a little or a lot, you'll definitely feel welcome.

POP The Fashion Store
4 Rose Court, Olney
MK46 4BY

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