Not for me, unfortunately. Shoes for Lil.

She's kinda started walking (by kinda I mean she often takes several steps alone and then falls, she also wants to walk everywhere holding Daddy's hands).

Now I know you're not supposed to let them wear shoes if they're not actually walking and blah blah blah but this kid cannot walk around barefoot. Maybe if we lived on the beach. But we don't, christ knows we don't (I mean, we seem to be living in the Amazonian forest right now). So the other night we got her feet measured. I wanted to be sure the pumps I put her in were the right size (they are). The nice lady in John Lewis informed me that she could only wear soft 'toddle' shoes and pointed me in their direction. My response......urgh. 

This is a huge bugbear of mine. Ugly baby shoes. I'm not gonna name names here but I struggled to find one pair of cute shoes for her that didn't cost £50 or weren't gross. Every single shoe shop selection made me want to vomit. Just because she's a toddler, it doesn't mean she has to wear nasty looking shoes.

Andt then I remembered someone on Twitter recommending a shoe brand for babies and toddlers that weren't, infact, vomit inducing. Ah Twitter, my saviour.

Pink! And I LOVE them!

Mamas: I give you Livie and Luca.

Cute, right?! And made by hand. 

Livie & Luca was started up by Mums who couldn't find shoes that were modern and affordable so they came up with a whole bunch of great shoes with the tagline 'Adorable shoes for adorable feet'. Read more about their story here, it will truly make you smile.

I don't know about you, but I'm off to shop for toddler shoes...

You can follow Livie & Luca on Twitter and Facebook.

This is not a sponsored post. I genuinely adore this brand and I know Lil is gonna love their shoes too.


  1. These look great, never heard of them before but will deffinately be checking their site out! x

  2. Very very cute! Zach started of with Nike's, I'm guessing they aren't baby friendly either...but whatever

  3. LOVE THEM!!! There is also a fab little web shop called Little Stomper. They stock this brand and some other great ones to.