Grey is my favourite colour.

It's still pretty miserable outside. And I'm finding it harder everyday to stay positive. Although grey is my favourite colour....this just takes the piss.

Anyway. What's making me smile this week? Well...

New York City, baby - That's right, we're off to my favourite place in the whole of the land next week. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am...

Jewels. My husband bought me a ring at the POP launch last week. It used to be an silver teaspoon, back in 1917. And now it adorns my finger. 

Christian and his Louboutins. If you haven't been to see this exhibition yet, go. It's pretty amazing.

Lil and her ever expanding vocabulary. New additions this week: Rihanna (I know), biscuit (bipbip) and cup of tea (tuppatee). Three of the most used words in this house.

New friends - Well, they're hardly new but last week I met a few of my Twitter friends in person for the first time. They are all lovely and even more beautiful in person. I hope to make lots of memories with them (all involving alcohol, I hope).

Keep smiling... June is supposed to be a scorcher!


  1. That spoon looks LOVELY on you (hah! funny phrase to type). They just look weird on my horrid bony fingers. Am jealous xx

    1. Hehe! Alice, there is one thing that you don't want from the shop then. Will will be pleased to hear that.. Looks great on you Charlotte - love it! x

  2. Ditto the grey :( but woohoo for June being hot. Much, much needed. Also much impressed by Lil's use of the word Rihanna.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE THAT RING!!! How can I get one??? I live in London so doubt I'd be able to visit the store :(