For Him.

This week has been a tough one easily one of the worst so far, for reasons I won't divulge. Motherhood has been a doddle in comparison.

After this weeks events I feel my husband deserves a post dedicated to him, so here it is...

That man I married has been a rock, superman. He's kept me semi-sane, hasn't judged and stayed calm. Things he does on a daily basis anyway (well maybe not daily because the majority of the time he gets on my tits) but this week he has upped his game and taken control of an unsavoury situation.

I rarely thank him enough for all the wonderful things he does because I'm too busy being nasty to him (I still blame my hormones, that kid has fucked my body over big time) but here is the biggest thank you I could possibly offer him, a spot on my blog (LOLZ - be flattered, husband).

Thanks for your help/love/patience. Regardless of what I my hormones sometimes tell you, you're pretty fucking amazing (and dishy, according to one reader - although I'm still convinced that was you...)

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