A Very Big House In The Country

This past weekend was spent in the idyllic Cotswolds with family (to celebrate my Father in law turning sixty).

Lil had a blast with her cousins, Chloe and Holly. We visited the butterfly farm in Stratford-Upon-Avon (my idea of hell, as beautiful as butterflies are...they freak me out), played in the park, jumped in muddy puddles, drank wine (the adults not the babes), ate cake and biscuits and filled our lungs with fresh air.

Although teething, Lil was super relaxed and happy for the majority of the weekend (time to move to the countryside I think!) and even though the weather was miserable, it was too beautiful a place to let the rain stop us from having fun...

The amazing cake my sister in law made.

Chloe showing Lil some love

Holly and Lil: the troublesome two


  1. You have a very dishy husband - lucky lady ;)