Easter bunnies, crusty noses and vomit splattered pyjamas.

The glamour of Motherhood.

I know I vent on here pretty much everyday but today I need to vent. Maybe not vent, actually. Maybe just ramble on. A load of nonsense.

The last forty eight hours have been hard excruciating. Lil turning one was pretty hard enough, emotionally, but her getting sick this time has been hard for sure.

I'm sleep deprived. No, really, the kind of sleep deprived you can't imagine. It's torture. But as I sit and write this, I'm laughing so hard on the inside I want to be sick. You know when you're so tired if you don't laugh until it hurts so bad, you'll break down and sob? Yeah that. But I'm laughing on the inside.

I have a crusty nose. Gross, huh? From blowing it and rubbing it (that sounds so rude, pahahahahahahahahahhaha now I'm laughing on the outside) so much. Gorgeous sexy Charlotte. I tell you what, Ryan Gosling would drop his pants if he could see me right now. Oh what I would give for him to drop his pants. Dirty boy.

The washing machine just beeped to let me know it's finished washing the bed linen. Lil did a massive sick on them early this morning. 4am to be precise. Then she started making lots of animal sounds and went back to sleep. But, washing. I think this is the seventh load in forty eight hours. Uh huh. Seventh. Mouth explosions and bum explosions make for a lot of dirty laundry. Sorry that was TMI, wasn't it. Oh what they hey, we're all in this together. What's a bit of poo between friends? I can't wash my pyjamas and get them dry quick enough, because obviously she wants to vom on me. Or in my hair.

But even though the last few days have been testing, I'm grateful for them. Because what doesn't send you in to a nervous breakdown, makes you stronger right?

Happy Easter everyone. This is the good life.


  1. Oh no hun! I'm sending you a massive hug right now and also advising lots of wine be consumed as soon as possible to combat the stress! So hard when they have bugs like this isn't it-personally I don't mind the poo mentions-we're all friends here! Hope she's feeling better soon and your washing machine continues to be of upmostv assistance!x

  2. I know you really weren't in to the idea of breast feeding- but if you knew what you do now that your bub is one- would you of maybe given it a chance?
    As in if someone had said to you (and maybe they did or didn't?) that your child would probably get sick a lot less if at all if you breast feed her- would you have done it?
    I am just really interested by the fact that with so many positives/health benefits that come with breast feeding , that people still choose not to do it

    1. I wasn't in to the idea of breastfeeding, no. After coming out of the operating theatre after an emergency c-section, I wasn't in any state to breastfeed. I was asked numerous times throughout my stay in hospital if I wanted to give it a go and yes I really did. After having my daughter, my mind was changed. I wanted to breastfeed. But as the pain of the operation refused to shift, I felt I couldn't do it. I was in enough agony and I knew that breastfeeding was painful too, to start with. A pain I felt I couldn't cope with. A week after having her, I was asked again if I wanted to try it. I couldn't, I was still in a lot of pain and my wound had now become infected. It just wasn't an option. SO my decision to breastfeed wasn't based on the fact that it freaked me out (Which it did, when I was pregnant). If I wasn't in so much pain I would have breastfed her. She is a healthy, happy baby. I have friends who breastfeed their babies and they have been sick lots more than Lil. So i really don't think me not breastfeeding her has anything to do with getting sick right now. I made a decision based on my health, my mental and physical health. People choose not to do it for all sorts of reasons and that is their business.

    2. I breastfed my son for a good year, and he's not the healthiest child. I didn't breastfeed because of the health benefits, but because I could and because my mother had done with me. There are mothers out there that can't breastfed no matter how much they want to. My son has a sensitive stomach, and after his first stomach bug incident, doctors told me I wasn't allowed to breastfeed. That the milk was letting the bug live for longer. How is that for prevention of illness?

    3. Please refer to my post - http://onlysayingwhatyourethinking.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/oh-tit-off.html