Birthday bumps and Easter elation. Well, not quite...

Lil's first birthday came and went in a blur, as did her first Easter. Im so upset she was sick for it, but relieved she can't understand that it was her birthday. I can't imagine her being happy about it if she was sick on her fifth birthday...

I won't ramble on. I did manage to take a few pictures over her birthday weekend, on the rare occasion she smiled.

Grandad and a wriggly baby. Before she got sick.

Auntie Frank.

Poorly sick baby

Auntie ginger.

Her favourite present.

The coolest birthday cake.

A gift from her extremely talented Great Aunt.

A rare giggle.

My little angel.

Lil and Grampy (or Papi, as she calls him).

Being silly with Nanny and Noonoo.

Another birthday cake.

Showing Grampy Elmo.

Where did my baby go?


  1. Ah LORD she is so cute - looks a lot like you in that with her in the stripey top xx

  2. Oh sorry to hear that she was sick on her birthday! :(! This happened to Jack at Christmas and spent all of christmas eve night being sick everywhere, then spreading it to the rest of the family over the christmas period (including a heavily pregnant aunty) It was the norovirus and it was terrible! :(!

    She looked like she still enjoyed the day though looking at these pics, and who wouldn't love that cake! It's amazing!

    Hope she starts to feel well soon, for her sake and yours x

    1. It's rough, right?! She still smiled here and there but it took A LOT of effort! Thank you xxxx

  3. so sorry that she was sick! Looks like she got some amazing presents though! She's so gorgeous, definitely takes after mama!