Wow. What a day.

I think I feel equally as rough as I did a year ago.

It all started yesterday evening when Lil projectile vomited over Daddy. It has to be something she ate. It has to be. We have a party tomorrow. More vomiting. Panic sets in. Let's play it by ear. More vomiting. She can't keep anything down, not milk or water. More vomiting. A 4am panic message letting everyone know the party is cancelled. At 4:12am, the exact time she was born one year ago, both mother and daughter covered in sick. Atta girl!!

So the party never went ahead but I think the day was still a bit of a success. Aside from grumpiness on both our parts, she received so many lovely presents. She didn't get to taste all the yummy cakes (banana and dry toast for her) or see her friends but she did a few smiles and was surrounded by family. So it wasn't a complete disaster!

Now all three of us are ready for bed. For the week....

Except she now has a bad stomach and is teething, again.

Welcome to Toddlerville.

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