The one where I torture myself.

So after reading a bit about '30 Day Shred' and with an impending trip to Ibiza only three weeks away, I decided I needed to sort my life out. My body is definitely not bikini ready and wobbles more than jelly and ice cream (mmmmmm), so I thought it was time for shit to get real.

Shit just got real.

I'm currently on Day 2 of Level One and my body is a mess. A complete and utter wreck. It hurts to pick Lil up, like really hurts. I ache like a son of a bitch and I'm dreading tomorrow. If you want to give this a go, I warn you.... DO NOT scoff at the fact each workout is twenty minutes long and DO NOT think it will be easy. This woman will fuck you up after just one session.

I've taken a photo of my body on day one and I'm hoping, praying that by day 21 I'll be ready for the beach but we'll see.

Stay tuned.... if I don't throw myself off of a bridge in agony.

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