Ugh. Monday Morning.

Made slightly better by two handsome Hungarian house guests. We have one of our very good friends, Laszlo, and his Papa staying for a few nights while they go to watch a game at the Olympics. I love playing Hostess (mainly because it gives me an excuse to buy lots of flowers and lots of yummy cake and biscuits).

I've been feeling under the weather over the last few days. It would appear I have a sinus infection which is usually only reserved for Winter but I think my body is confused by this crazy weather (or in the words of my Nan.... 'I blame this bloody weather, that's why we're all getting ill'). I'm not a very good patient, I like to whine a lot when I'm sick which is funny because Lil has been doing less whining over the last few days. We've gone a bit 'freaky friday'. But still no more teeth. Gah.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I need to get rid of this frickin' illness because we have a busy week. I'll leave you with this... my new favourite band...

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