A list of things currently making me happy.

I haven't done one of these in a while and to be honest, I had to think hard to get past three. What with the elephant deciding to stick around and generally feeling a bit bleurgh about everything, it took a while. But here it is, my happiness list...

Lil. Every single day she says or does something new. I know you're not supposed to be best friends with your kid but we are BEST BUDS.

Bedtime LOLZ.

Ibiza. We're going on holiday next week and even though my body is nowhere near bikini ready, I'm adamant we are going to have an amazing time.

Autumn. It's nearly Autumn!!!!!!

Ginger. My best friend is moving from Portsmouth to a town TWENTY MINUTES away from us.

Ginger and I.

Alice Harold. My new drinking partner and Milf to two very cute kids.

My new print. I won this last week from the super talented Enclosed Spaces.

November - only two months away. Birthday month (shared with my amazing friend Jolyne) and all round party time.

Food. Especially recipes for the stuff on here.

What (or who) is making you happy?


  1. Totally get the baby BFF thing... Frankie is my bestest, even if it is slightly a stockholm syndrome type thing.

    Plus totally with you about Autumn, I need dark evenings. Now.

  2. When she's older, Lil is going to LOVE having photos of you two playing together. One of my favourite photos of me and my mum is of me as a baby laughing at my mum who is sticking her tongue out at me. Mum isn't really a stick-your-tongue out kind of person which somehow just makes it even cooler.

    Also yay on the bestie moving down!

  3. Hurry and get home so we can start planning our November parties!