My ASOS Autumn Picks.

I wrote about a few of my favourite Autumn pieces for kids a while back. Well now it's OUR turn. Thanks to Anna at South Molton St Style and the fact that Autumn is just around the corner, I'm excited about fashion again!

So whilst flicking through the ASOS magazine and spending a few hours on their website, I've compiled a lust list (I know I was boycotting ASOS for their poor customer service but they do winter so well). Please bear in mind, colour doesn't much appeal to me during the colder months + my favourite colour is grey...

I didn't want to jump on the animal infused bandwagon but I love how cosy this dress looks. Add tights and boots and thrown on an old leather jacket and BAM.

Perfect for when casual isn't an option (Casual: sloppy). This would make a great DIY too.

Because we can't all afford Chloe's version. Also, see here for alternatives.

Roomy enough for my stuff and Lil's 'crap' (crayons, biscuits, Minnie, sippy cup, lego, dolly...) and it's grey, in case you didn't realise.

Because we all love a bit of bling. Plus, the party season isn't that far away.

So now you nosey lot know what's on my ASOS lust list. What's on yours? Show me, show me (oh christ, Chris and Pui have not left my head for the past three days....).

Psssssssst. I know this necklace isn't from ASOS but isn't it just dreamy? Maybe the only piece of colour I want in my life this season.

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