The E word...

So since I last wrote about Lil's eating habits, not a lot has changed and quite a lot of food has gone to waste (crying inside). She picks at breakfast, refuses lunch and is sometimes having dinner. I'm still as frustrated but I'm less concerned after you lot helped me out with advice and tips. Thanks for that.

I won't bore you with what she has and hasn't eaten but she's still eating bananas like they're going out of fashion and continues to gorge on pasta when it suits.

This week we are eating:

Summer Vegetable Curry (we had this tonight....AMAZING)
American Blueberry Pancakes
Bruschetta with Avocado salsa
Fish fingers

The curry

Along with some tried and tested Mama dishes and fresh filled pasta (store bought). Let's hope next week is an improvement.

Do you have any recipes that are worth sharing?

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  1. India loves turkey spag bol - i use the recipe from Leon Book 2 as it's family friendly. She also loves it when i make the kids mexican fajitas & make her up wraps. A picky plate is always good - cubed cheddar/feta, pitta's, hummous, gherkins.... nom!
    Beans (low salt/sug) on toast - simple but good & more Iron than a steak! I'm not keen on my three having red meat so we're mainly chicken/fish/veggie here.
    She never wants her own food, and always has to have what the kids are having!