Lil's first festival: Lollibop.

Last Friday we were guests of Carousel PR at Lollibop. I'm not really a fan of festivals but a kids festival I could handle. After a tantrum for a Minnie Mouse balloon (which then decided to detach itself from the ribbon and float away) and a few tears, Lil saw that there were giant bubbles being blown so soon forgot why she was grumpy.

There was so much for her to do. Things to make, toys to play with, children to clamber over... she won Best Dancer in a dancing competition, swung on a hammock swing, rode the carousel (which was actually a bar), danced to the Zingzillas, drew some pictures. We had such a great day.


We're definitely going to go again next year but will take a picnic, the food was stupidly expensive and there were lots of shaded areas to eat under.

Thank you to Jen and her team for inviting us, we made some very happy memories.

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