Terrible, GOD AWFUL, twos.

This morning has been a write off. I witnessed the most violent tantrum from a (not so) tiny 21 month old and in the process had a chunk ripped from my neck. I do believe folk call this the terrible twos. Fan-fucking-tastic.

With just over two months until she turns two years, I feel robbed. What bastard invented tantrums, hmm? Who dubbed it the 'terrible twos' because they got it bloody wrong. Try the god awful, vile twos...

Ugly cry face

I tried to stay calm whilst watching my child wreck the lounge and occasionally ducking as she threw stuff everywhere, I really tried. But tipping over her art easel kinda did it for me because of the sheer force. Possesed, a livid little being. So I lifted her up and took her upstair to her cot, being kicked and scratched in the process, and calmly (pah) put her down. Twenty minutes later, she had collapsed into an exhausted heap and was snoring.

Let's hope this afternoon is better for us otherwise I'll be declaring dry January officially OVER.


  1. Oh god, poor you! I suggest heading to the furthest point away in the house, covering your ears and filling your face with as much chocolate as you can muster. You can do it soldier! ;)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. oh shit! Yep, we haver some of those, mainly clothes related these days!
    Just one word of advice, never use the cot as a 'naughty step' type of thing. You want the cot to be happy hunky dory place at ALL time and no bad associations with it WHATSOEVER...unless you want to add night misery to day insanity x

  3. The only reason they are called the terrible twos is because they didn't want to upset other people by calling them the fucking awful twos...

    Hang on in there - it does pass

  4. Not wanting to upset you but these are your prep for three-nagers. *rocks in corner* CAN'T. Go. THROUGH. IT. AGAIN.....