Day Sixteen / No Booze: A cold.

I'm halfway there, I'm halfway there, I'm halfway there. Yesterday was the day I was going to break, if I was going to break. But I didn't so go me.

I have a shitty cold (thanks Lil) so I've been feeling gross and today was the day I finally got my shit together and went to the gym for the first time in a long time. Again, go me. I will have a tight body for Ibiza, I WILL. So yeah, yesterday was hard... Lil was being a total pain in the backside (teething last four molars - I can see the light) and I felt rough. Naturally all I wanted to do was down a large glass of wine and sleep. Ah sleep, not had a decent run of that in a while... But I carried on like a BOSS and just like that it was day sixteen.

Gym gear innit.

Lil is at nursery, I've been to the gym and, AND.... I've started studying. Procrastinating still, but studying also. I have only weeks left until I start my degree so I'm trying to get organised (pah). Once I've kicked this cold up the arse there is no stopping me... Ooh a new magazine....

P.S Was it YOU who commented (anonymously) that you're studying Eng Lit at the OU too? If yes, PLEASE email me!

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  1. So wait, you're dealing with a small child cutting the big teeth, a cold, lack of sleep and feeling pants, but you're going to the gym, studying and NOT drinking?

    I doth my (figurative) cap to you lady, that is pretty flippin' impressive to say the least!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...