Day Nine / No Booze: Brain fog.

I haven't had a drink for nine whole days! For me this is quite an achievement. I'm still not sleeping that well, it takes around two hours for me to properly switch off. Without alcohol making my brain fuzzy, I have lots going around in my head. Now my head is clearer, I can see that alcohol shuts things off for me: emotions, worries... you know the deal.

A slightly delirious, excited face. More on that later...

So I'm still awfully tired but that also has a lot to do with Lil's last four teeth cutting. Back molars are not fun and wine helps me through teething. Or at least it did. But my brain, oh my brain is as clear as it's ever been. I have so many lists to make and things to plan, the calendar is filling up super quick with new adventures and trips to far away islands (most recently, New York and Ibiza). I'm still finding it hard not to procrastinate but it's something I'm working on. One thing at a time, right?!


  1. You look amazing! Nice glow you got going x

  2. Well done Charlotte! I too have given up booze plus sugar too! Really hard but seeing the wood through the trees at last. Good luck with the rest of the month. Gems

  3. If you was my gurlfriend, I'd definitely put a ring on it.

  4. I had the switching off problem when pregnant (never put it down to lack of wine but could have been!!). Used to put a pad of paper and pen by my bed and write down whatever I needed to think about the next day!

    You're doing brilliantly!