A new, wonderful adventure.

I try to get excited about the little things in life because those are the things that bring me great pleasure: my favourite dinner, seeing a special friend, a rare night out somewhere classy (very rare), but there is always something in particular, something rather large that I get so completely excited about. New York.

My first trip was for work, four years ago, and since then I've been back four times, once with Lil. It's easily my favourite place in the world, I can't tell you just how much I love being there. Not for the touristy crap or to go drinking in the hippest of bars, but just being there. I find it hard to be mad or scowl when I'm there, it's just wonderful and I would forfeit a summer holiday and Christmas just to go back. Every year. So when Tim asked me if Lil and I would like to join him in LA for work in February, I replied 'I'd rather go to New York.'

She was so tiny!

Santa got my letter! We're going to New York.

It was yesterday that I had butterflies upon seeing Andrea of flannery o' kafka's facebook status, announcing she was going to be in NY early March too. Andrea is the most amazing photographer, my favourite in fact. She captures children in the most beautiful, breathtaking shots. It's fate, I thought. And then I received the email...

Not only is Lil being shot by my favourite photographer, she's being photographed in my favourite city. Dreams do come true...

You can find flannery o' kafka here.  

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  1. That's so cool, yaaaaaay! Look forward to seeing the results. You should definitely buy a lottery ticket this weekend :)

    Kate @ Just Pirouette and Carry On...