I haven't always been a pessimist. Back before I had Lilian, there were spells where I was the most optimistic person you'd meet on a Monday morning during rush hour. I loved my daily commute into London, I loved my job (although some of the people I worked with, not so much) and I loved how things were working out for me. 

Growing up, however, I was quite the opposite. I won't bore you with a sob story but it was quite tough and my relationship with my parents was never great. They brought a lot of drama into my life and for a long time it was anything but quiet. Now I know everyone loves a bit of drama, it's what keeps life exciting. I prefer to watch drama on the TV, Emmerdale being my favourite source of it. In real life, however, I'm not such a fan. These are my ideal scenario's when it comes to drama: Sainsbury's run out of my favourite toothpaste, Lil throws a paddy in the library, ASOS don't have the dress in my size. Now those are dramas I can deal with.

No dramas here

Unwanted drama brings unwanted negativity into your life. I'd rather bypass this and be happy but unfortunately life doesn't always bring you what you'd like. So after reading this post by Drea I decided that now was the time for me to purge. Now is the time for me to remove any negativity from our lives because I don't want my daughter growing up to be a pessimist. Life is too short to worry about someone else's negative disposition. Drea's words have stuck with me. She is so right. I have a little person depending on me, her big eyes look up at me with hope and wonder. I don't want her to see me scowl and frown and sigh because of some negativity that's entered our lives, I want her to see me smile and laugh (and my teeth sparkle white because Sainsbo's have my favourite toothpaste in stock). So my purge starts here. Anything negative that gets thrown our way is going to be spun into a positive. Any drama that someone tries to bring to our lives will be turned away. I'm done with dealing with negativity. We're living, breathing air in to our lungs and we should be grateful that we are here on this planet. From right now, I'm going to practise removing negativity from our lives. Life may not be full of marshmallow trees and lollipop fences but I'll be damned if Lil grows up in a negative environment with a life full of drama. 

So here's to a positive future empty of as much drama, negative thoughts and judgements as possible.


  1. this is the spirit, girlfriend!
    I'm not a negative person, but I was brought up by a widow mum who was/is a worrier. she can spot the negative in everything.
    I understand her circumstances, but I vowed to myself to be exactly the opposite, even when it feels unnatural. OH says that I'm just like her sometimes and so I force myself to change my behaviour and thinking. Hard work, but I too want G to grow up thinking that all is possible, rather than 'all is doomed'. Good luck x

  2. Here here. It's a hard shift to make but once you're there you are untouchable (almost). Good luck x

  3. Bloody well said! I get sick to the back teeth of constant negativity from people, recently I decided to delete one of my best friends from Facebook because I got so sick of their moany updates. It was a tricky one to explain when they twigged me and asked why, but I stand by my decision. Well done you for being firm :)

    On another note, I could murder a marshmallow tree right now....;)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...