A New Beginning.

Well, kinda.

It's almost two and a half years ago, while six months pregnant (? shit at Maths), that I painted Lil's nursery a pale mint. Her nursery that was never actually slept in. Then it turned in to a playroom. But just a few months short of her second birthday, I'm moving her into her own room. Sob. Her nursery / playroom is now becoming her bedroom.

I'm excited, it's a new project. I like decorating. I'm also excited because my room, my quiet sanctuary, will be mine again. But I'm also very sad. Lil has slept in the same room as me for twenty two months. Some of you may think that's far too long but I've always been a fan of attachment parenting. And anyway, I slept in bed with my Mum for much longer.


I've made a point of talking to Lilian about the changes that are happening, taking her into her room and telling her what's going to happen. She watched her Grampy measure the window for new blinds and has shown interest when I mentioned the word 'paint'. I figured that if she was a part of this change, if she helped, the transition would be a lot smoother. I hope I'm not kidding myself and that she'll enjoy her new room in her new bed but I'm prepared for a month or so of sleepless nights.

So yes, exciting but small changes are happening. Even if they do make me do a massive bit of a cry.


  1. I think it's lovely that she has been in with you that long. In fact I am a bit envious, I have to admit that when husband is away I don't mind the kids crawling in with me in the early hours. Is there anyway you can minimise disruption by starting each night in her room but if she wants letting her come in with you during the night or do you think that would just be prolonging the inevitable?

  2. I think it's great that you're involving her while the room is prepared. There's nothing wrong with allowing her the security of sleeping with you as long as you want.

  3. Don't worry yourself too much. Kids are much more resilient than we give them credit for. The Boy slept in our room until he was 20 months old and only moved into his own room when we moved and we put him straight into a proper bed, so 3 fairly big changes in one go and he just took it in his stride. We never had a single sleepless night, he loved it. Lil will be fine xxx

  4. So refreshing to hear that other parents let their babies sleep in the same room! Our Little Darling is only 14 months, I've already heard quite a few negative comments about it! Well done you for sticking to what You think it's best for Your child and Your family! And of course it will be hard to 'let them go' but I'm sure she will be just fine. I will be crying too when we eventually reach this 'milestone'.

  5. good luck on the big move!! no need to justify your parenting skillz ;) i love hearing what other parents do and seeing how amazing it is for them, and knowing what i do is amazing for me, we should all support eachother! :)