Day Three / No Booze: Tiredness.

I'm exhausted. Newborn 'I haven't slept for days' tiredness. Another discovery: booze for me is what sleeping pills are to others. Exactly that. Does that even make sense? Have I lost the plot?

On Tuesday it took me over four hours to get to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2:30am and before I knew it I was awake again. And last night? Pretty much the same. I woke up a few times and found it almost impossible to get back to sleep. Today my eyes sting and my body aches. And the bags? Even my new (expensive) concealer isn't concealing.

To help my ever growing eyebags. Get yours here (the reviews are great)

I've tried white noise, exercise, herbal tea, cutting out caffeine. All of these all at once and nothing, that bastard insomnia is going to get the better of me - I just know it.

On a more positive note, not once today have I thought 'I'd quite like a glass of wine' unlike yesterday where I was pretty sure I was going to crack and fetch a bottle from the garage. Go me. Maybe it's the tiredness.

Three down, however many to go...

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  1. I have been having trouble sleeping too...and off the wine so maybe that's what's up with me, it's my sleeping pill...shit...mever reaslised that before! keep it up!

    1. It's awful isn't it, time to find a more natural way of getting to sleep! Thanks x

  2. SNAP! SAME! Tonights going to be the one where I sleeeeeeeeep. At least i hope so!

  3. Totally the same here - not helped by Littler starting to have night terrors and spending all night kicking but have realised that a glass of wine has rather become my sleeping aid of choice... which is another good reason to have a bit of cutback and a re-balance

    Good luck for your January efforts