I'm a bit busy. Well, a bit is a slight understatement.

Not only am I trying to organise my Dad's life (part him not being able to, I think it's a man thing, and part me taking control), find thoughtful Christmas presents for everyone (on a tight budget), keep Lil occupied (because she is starting to get bored pretty quickly), do the housework (to be honest, chores are low on my list of priorities and I'm ashamed to say it's started to show - whatevs) and find some time for myself, I also find myself running my husbands life even though our calendars and to do lists now sync. Gay, I know.

I've a million and one things I want to tell you, things Lil has been getting up to (she said 'bum' today and it made me so proud, it's my favourite word) but I can't remember half of the things I want to say. I wrote a post in my head at 11pm last night, I could have just written it straight out but I had a song playing in my head that kept stalling me (I won't tell you what it is, you'll think I'm a bad parent). I've lists to write, organising to do as well as packing up the rest of my Dad's flat. I just have to watch the next two episodes of Pan Am, I'm obsessed, but Lil isn't interested and would rather roll around and attempt to crawl which requires my full attention, play or watch Waybuloo. Selfish or what.

There aren't enough hours in the day and life is just whizzing by. Somebody pause time please...

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  1. PAN AM IS SO GOOD!!!!!

    I send Will iCal invitations when we need to be at something together, or when he needs to know where I am. But he is useless and these never make it into his diary, so maybe I need to sync...