The last week or so has been a hard one. Lil's teething like you wouldn't believe, neither of us are sleeping much and she doesn't want to be close to me (except for at bedtime when she falls asleep on me or next to me). I haven't had much time to do anything, I still have this months issue of Elle to read, washing and ironing to do and I haven't started a proper beauty routine like I promised myself last weekend. I just don't have the energy for body brushing, facials scrubs and masks and soaking my cuticles. I'm so tired.

Keeping a teething baby occupied and happy is the hardest job I've had to do as a mother so far. I dread to think how tired I'm going to be once she's crawling...

This weekend we went to Jacob's first birthday party, one of Lil's new friends, and she made a whole bunch of other baby friends and I made some new Mumma friends which was lovely. Leila (Jacob's mumma) made us feel so welcome and Lil instantly took to Jacob, she thought it was hilarious that he could crawl while she could only manage a bum shuffle which we all found funny. But as she always does just recently, she turned into a grotbag and we had to leave. Yesterday we spent the day indoors trying to keep her happy which was a massive struggle but she finally went to sleep at 8pm and didn't wake up two hours later which is what she did every night last week.

One of her top front teeth cut this morning so one more to go and she'll have the four front ones. Maybe then she'll cheer up? Tell me it gets better....

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