The one where I go back to work.

When I was pregnant I told my husband I wouldn't be going back to work until Lil was one. I wanted to spend every waking moment with her and watch her every move.

Seven months after giving birth and the record has changed. It has recently been on the cards that I'd go back to work in January, there was a possibility of a part time role at a company I had worked for eight years ago (God, I'm old...) but nothing was in writing so I decided to just wait and see.

So yesterday I got a call asking If I wanted to work a trial period between now and Christmas and if I liked what I was doing and they liked what I was doing, go back to work properly in February. I didn't even think about saying no, after the past few hellish weeks I jumped at the opportunity. Two phone calls and some negotiating later, I have a job!

So from Tuesday I'm a working mama. How exciting!

I'm a little nervous at the prospect of leaving Lil even though I know she'll be looked after marvellously by my Mum and Nan, excited to be back in the (slightly slower) rat race, looking forward to a lot more adult conversation and anxious to see if Lil's face will light up when I get home. We haven't been the best of friends lately so I'm hoping this will bring us a lot closer. I think she's sick of my face and I know I'm sick of CBeebies.



  1. Congratulations you lucky sod.

  2. thats great news, i guess the decision was made a lot easier knowing that you have close family around to look after her, and won't have to pay for nursery. It will be great for you to have some 'adult' (without sounding sleazy) time back and hopefully it will make the time you do spend with lil even more precious and enjoyable!
    I'm really happy for you!

    does this mean your still coming to Bristol though right? you'd bloody better be!

    a x