Thank heavens for Glossy Box.

I'm a sucker for a beauty product but find I rarely have the time to shop for new ones now Lilian is around. So when I heard about Glossy Box from the magical land of Twitter I was on it straight away. Now I know I'm slow and that they've been around for a while but when you have a kid you sometimes fall out of the loop on these things.

Today my first box arrived and it was such a nice surprise to come home to. If, like me, you find yourself taking yourself up to the bathroom to pamper yourself for half an hour only to find you forgot to pop to Boots to get some goodies then Glossy Box is for you.

Go check it out and sign up!

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  1. I won a glossy box on a comp and really liked it, wasn't sure if it would be worth the regular fee but reading this I think I might sign up properly! Thanks :)