NSPCC: Letter from Santa

It's Lil's first Christmas this year and I know she can't read (although sometimes I wonder...) but we have ordered her a letter from Santa. I thought it would be great to put in her keepsake box to show her when she's old enough to know who Santa is and it's a special 'Baby's 1st Christmas' one too so it's extra special.

When I found out Santa wasn't real I was heartbroken. Even now I still believe it's just party poopers being mean and that he does exist. I guess I'm a secret romantic at heart and never really stopped believing. You can laugh and call me a loser but it makes me smile.

I can't wait for Lil to discover not only Father Christmas but the true meaning of it all. I'm going to keep her believing for as long as I can (even though my husband said this is mean, he's a bah humbug).

Go and get your letter from Santa here, it's for a fantastic cause too.

God, I'm excited.

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