And then there were four.

What a week.

We had to say goodbye to Alfie, our family dog of 17 years, on Tuesday. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Wednesday was just miserable so it was great to see my best friend on Thursday morning with her big, cheerful smile. You only have to look at her and you're in a better mood. We went to watch Rihanna at the O2 in the evening and it helped me with the decision of reinventing myself for the new year. Next year I shall channel classy slut, if there's even such a thing, a la Rihanna, watch this space.

Today we made a mad dash to the hospital after a rash appeared on Lil's face. I was surprised at how calm
I was this time and felt pretty lucky when I saw the babies who were in the A&E department hooked up to machines. The parents must have been in such a state. She has a viral infection, apparently there is a lot of this going around, which was a relief. I'm surprised I don't have a full head of grey hair by now.

And finally, Lil has a new addition to her gob. Another tooth. So that makes four.

Normal posting will resume next week.


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