The Tummy Bug

So it wasn't enough that we got a bad cold which we had just started to get over and then I find myself with my head down the toilet, throwing my insides up. Yesterday was rough. I couldn't bear to move and not being able to sit and play with Lilian gave me the hump. Naturally, she was the next one to get it and at 4am this morning she was covered in sick. And by covered, I mean covered. It was all over her face, in her hair and eyes and ears. She soaked herself and the bed sheets. She was still sleeping at this point but I had to wake her, she looked a little confused and to my surprised she smiled.

In a panic, I called NHS direct knowing full well what they'd say but I just wanted them to confirm what I was thinking. They did and back to bed we went with towels and sick cloths galore. Now I know she'll get a tummy bug again and a hundred more colds and sore throats and temperatures but because she has never been sick before, aside from a nasty cold, it was a massive shock. I panicked, I said I couldn't handle this. And then I remembered all the mummas that have to deal with their sick baby all the time because all they seem to do is get sick, or the mummas with babies that have serious conditions. This was just a tummy bug! Pull yourself together woman.

At 9am she woke me with her usual slap in the face followed by a massive grin. This kid is a soldier. Way stronger than her mama, 18 hours previously I had been laying in bed groaning that I thought I was dying (it felt like morning sickness all over again). I gotta man up.

Another tick in the book of things you will achieve as a Mother, caring for your vomitting, diahorrea nappied child. About another million things left to experience.

Bring it on (sob).

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