Whether you're with the Mother of your child or not, KEEP READING.

Being a Mum is a full time job and some Mum's work full time too as well as taking care of their family. Being a Mum is also bloody hard work. Not only do we have to deal with a sometimes trying child/children, we do their washing, ironing, cook their dinner (as well as yours, if we're still together). We take all the shit that is thrown at us (sometimes, literally), help others with their problems, have our hormones to contend with and hardly get time to paint our nails/blowdry our hair/get a pedicure. We give up our selfish routines to serve your child/children.

It would be nice for you to come home from work and show us some love/pick your child up at the weekend with a smile and a thank you. We slog our guts out because you got us up the duff (alright some of us may have planned this and some of us didn't), we count to ten through the kids tantrums, meditate in the bank queue so we don't end up screaming at the baby to 'shut the fuck up for ten minutes' ('Mummy is stressed, darling, please be quiet' - is what we have to say). We do a bloody good job of bringing up the child/ren and we deserve to be shown you are aware that we work our (now larger) backsides off. You don't have to bring us flowers or even spend any of your hard earned cash (and remember, stay at home Mums don't get a salary, we are paid in smiles/dribbles/baby sick), we just want to be appreciated. Leave us a post-it on the fridge telling us to have a good day, send us a text message to tell us you wish you were playing with the building blocks on the floor with us OR ACTUALLY, BUY US SOME FUCKING FLOWERS. Even if you don't love us anymore or even like us, show us that you have acknowledged the fact we do a good job of bringing up the fruit of your loins (ewwwww).

If you do all of this already, pat yourself on the back. If you're a Daddy and aren't appreciated, then cross out Mum and read Dad and tell your wife/girlfriend/ex that you deserve to be appreciated. You work hard.

I am, along with a whole load of other married/engaged/cohabiting/divorced/separated/no longer together with the Daddy/Mummy of the child/ren Mums and Dads, tired of not being appreciated. I did not go through nine months of hell followed by another few months of pain, depression and misery for this.

If you haven't already, you're going to lose them. If you've already lost them, then you've lost the best thing you ever had (sorry to quote Beyonce, silly bitch is taking all the good cliches).

Think about it. What is a post-it note if it means you're putting a smile on the face of your child's Mother?


  1. Amen. I have to buy myself flowers and he still doesn't even notice when I've spent the whole day prettifying the house for us. I know he appreciates me... But would be nice too hear it and feel it. Grr.

  2. Can't say I relate, dad got me pregnant (unplanned) screamed it wasn't his. Then got someone else pregnant, then threatened to kill our son, and now is the father of the year to his other child. After all that, a post-it would be a good start.

  3. I've been 'stalking' your blog for a while now, and got to say I really do love how you say it like it is. Inspirational.