Uh oh.

All around me, people are getting pregnant. Every day someone pops up on Facebook or Twitter and announce their news and it's making me broody for baby number two.

I know. What the fuck. My thoughts exactly. I DO NOT want another baby as lovely as Lilian is (except for when she wakes me up at 5am and wants to play). I do miss the feeling of being pregnant though, even though it was a horrendous one most of the time.

I miss the bump and the scans and the wondering who the baby will look like (me, mostly). I even miss people invading my personal space to rub the bump.

They say you forget how traumatic the pregnancy was once you have them and it's true although I have only just forgotten. One thing I shall not forget though is sneezing when I was 30 weeks pregnant and wetting myself. And this wasn't just a dribble. Oh the joys...

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