Cotton wool.

Today was the day my heart stopped.

After bathing Lilian I noticed the soles of her feet and palms were bright blue. I called NHS Direct and they directed me to the local walk in surgery where the useless, fat, lazy bitch of a receptionist told me I had an hours wait.

Now do excuse me while I go off on a rant... A FUCKING HOUR??????? You do know it is a baby in that car seat, not a fucking chimpanzee? No. I will not wait an hour. GO ON A FUCKING DIET.

So off we went to A&E. Funny because when we got there we were told that the stupid fat bitch should have directed us straight to A&E (don't worry, complaint already sent).

After checks, Lil was given the all clear and it was explained that when babies are cold, their circulation goes a bit crazy and their feet and hands go blue but I was totally right to get it checked out. Well that was a barrel of sugar coated almonds. I think my heart stopped beating for a while there.

I have never felt like that before. It's amazing how powerful that baby is. She can stop my heart (well it felt like she did). First A&E trip done and I'm praying to all the Gods that it was the last (obvs ain't going to happen it is, you know what these bloody kids are like...).

From this day forward she's back in her bundle of cotton wool - white with navy stripes, gotta fash it up 'cos that child is gonna be wrapped up in it for a looooong time...

(Sorry for the sweary bits. That stupid woman made me angry.)

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