Another week gone and none the wiser...

This week was sponsored by lack of sleep, again.

Lilian has been teething really badly and doesn't want to do anything except be picked up or cuddled by me. She isn't interested in anyone else and whilst I am flattered and feel a bit smug about this, I haven't done anything I need to do this week.

We're off to Spain in three weeks and I haven't even started to think about what I need to take. Lists need to be written, clothes need to be purchased and the house is a tip! I wont even get started on the size of the ironing pile.

And I'm still none the wiser about this parenting lark. To be honest, I'm making it up as I go along. As long as she doesn't grow up to be lazy, expecting everyone to give her handouts, loose with her morals and mouthy (I know a few young people like this) then I guess all will be ok.

Watch this space, I suppose...

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