Today it has been hard. Motherhood that is. A stroppy, teething, tantrum throwing four month old has today made my life hell.

I know it isn't her fault but that doesn't make it any easier. I have a feeling it will never be easy. Because let's face it, girls are hard work.

My Dads hair went grey shortly before my (now 15 year old) sister was born. My husbands hair went grey about three days after meeting me. I have a feeling that under all this hair dye mine is 70% grey, I just don't let the roots grow out quick enough to be able to tell.

People tell you it's hard, having a baby. They just don't tell you how hard. Don't get me wrong, the positives out weigh the negatives every time but bringing up a kid ain't no fairytale.

I'm currently watching Lilian's Dad try to calm her down as she pushes her bottle away and makes a noise that resembles a whiny puppy. He's a lot more patient than I am. But then he's married to me.

Like mother like daughter rings true right now.

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