The skirt that isn't a 'Mummy skirt'.

Today I bought a new skirt. I showed my Mum and was met with 'should you be wearing that? You're a Mum now.'


When I was three, and I remember this clearly, she wore a lime green bodycon skirt that was shorter than the one I got today. She also had zebra print clothes, leopard print clothes, neon clothes, short skirts, crop tops and skinny jeans. All of this I shall remind her of when I speak to her later (hello Mum, I know you read this YOU HYPOCRITE LOLZ). If I can find the photos of her in these clothes I will scan them and post on here just to embarrass her.

What I'm getting at is, just because you're a Mum it doesn't mean you have to cover yourself up from head to toe. I still wear short dresses and skirts (with tights - my cellulite wont let me wear them bare). Sometimes I flash a bit of cleavage - it makes me feel sexy and reminds me that even though I'm a Mum I'm still a person and I can still be fashionable.

I don't have to be a frump, my Mum most definitely wasn't.

Skirt from Topshop. Buy it here.

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