Another one bites the dust.

Another shitty week, that is.

Another shitty week of hardly any sleep, teething, arguing and counting to ten.

The highlights of the week are as follows:

Lilian has gained just under two pounds. Her growth spurt continues and I cannot keep up! She'll be walking by next week.

She rolled her eyes at me. Full on eye rolling. As in 'god Mum you're so embarrassing'. Yep. Sixteen weeks old and already she is giving me attitude, that can't be a good sign.

My friend came for birthday tea (cakes and coke - of the drink variety not the powder) and we had a good natter like a pair of grannies on crack (one day).

I ate a huge chunk of chocolate cake in Rochester and didn't even think of the calories. If Lil can put two pounds on and not give a shit then I shall follow suit.

Someone called me a milf.

So as bad as it has been, it's been a bit better than last week.

The only way is up baby.

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