The Tantrum

What a rubbish week.

On Tuesday Lilian had her second set of jabs. She was in good spirits for most of the day and even managed to giggle at my friends half English/half Australian accent for half of the afternoon.

Then Wednesday arrived. Along with her first tantrum. Yes that's right, tantrum. In case you've just started reading this blog, my daughter is three months old. Not three years.

These tantrums have become part of her daily routine now. They consist of her clenching her fists and making a funny screaming sort of noise (think Nikki from Big Brother - possessed). My Mum said it's because she's teething but I think she needs exorcising. I've been complaining about these tantrums since they started until I was reminded that I should think about where they may have come from. Whatevs.

She is definitely my daughter.

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  1. Loved this post, she is getting a proper personality - thats a good sign! xxx