Welcome to my crib.

Today I swapped the Moses basket for a crib. She's too big for it now, the long streak of a child. This has made me sad as I see her not being small enough for a moses basket a sign that she's growing up (stating the obvious). Incidentally, she now looks like a tiny newborn again as there is quite a bit of room in her crib. This makes me happy.

I don't want her to grow up so I've decided that she won't. Instead she shall live at home forever, sleep next to me (in her own bed but in my room), not have a boyfriend or a grown up job, and drink everything from a bottle (although prior to my pregnancy I'd swig alcohol from the bottle - classy, I know. Also, I had my bottle until I was five which means my Mum didn't want me to grow up either).

Let's see how long I can lead her to believe this is normal and I'm not, in fact, a complete nut job...

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