I know, I know. I've changed.

Call me a sap but I still can't believe I'm a Mummy. No matter how blasé I was about it when I was pregnant, it's the most amazing feeling in the world. Probably a bit like winning the lottery everyday although actually probably not because if you did then you could afford to look perfect everyday and have immaculate nails and no eyebags. But you know what I mean...

Lilian is twelve weeks old today. I can't quite believe it has been that long. Maybe I'm still high on morphine and dreaming and really I've only just had her. My complete exhaustion and need for sleep tells me maybe. Weirder things have happened when I've been deprived of sleep. Her baby snore and the state of the house tells me not (I need a cleaner).

I want to push pause. I don't like how quickly time is going.

It's just as well I cherish every moment with her. The housework can wait.

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