Sprained ankles and broken toes...

This time last year I was either running around London in heels thinking I was the bees knees in my size 8 skinnies or hungover in bed with a sprained ankle or broken toes.

Fast forward a year and wearing heels is saved for special, size 8 is a distant memory and a hangover isn't an option.

In short: being a Mum is pretty damn hard. I miss my old self.

Although irresponsible, I quite enjoyed getting drunk and doing stupid things. It gave me funny stories to tell and I certainly laugh looking back. I feel like I'm just 'a mummy' and not Charlotte anymore.

To add insult to injury I've decided to give up Alcohol for good. A baby and a hangover do not go well together. Being drunk and falling into a deep sleep just spells trouble and I'm not ready to lend Lilian out for the night yet. Plus alcohol equals empty calories and right now I'm trying to cut those out of my life (I want to get back into those size 8 skinnies). Sigh....

I guess I need to learn to balance motherhood and being me again. Without alcohol.

Except there's a bloody huge bottle of vodka in the cupboard...

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