The First Family Holiday

In two weeks we shall attempt our first family holiday. We are going to Derbyshire, my favourite place on the planet, for a week to stay in a quaint little cottage. I say quaint, it's actually quite big.

I have started a list of things we need to take (I do this with every trip I go on, except for day trips you understand). So far this list is one A4 page long. There is nothing of mine or the husbands on the list, it all belongs to the child. We will need a roof rack for the car even though we have a 4x4 because there simply isn't enough space.

As we are holidaying in the UK and the weather is just a tad temperamental, I will need to pack clothes for all eventualities (except snow, I'm hoping).

Lilian has approximately two outfit changes a day (not including pyjamas) as she often tends to soak her clothes with dribble/vom all down herself/poo or wee on herself when I'm changing her nappy so that is fourteen outfits + pyjamas (7 + spares). I will then need to take an extra outfit per day just in case (so that is 14 + 7). What if it's warm the whole time we are there (unlikely but you never know, it will be July) or what if everyday is wet and cold? So that would be 21 summer outfits and 21 winter outfits? No, that's silly - I can layer her clothes. That is still a lot of clothes though. And then there are the toys.... Sigh.

I haven't even begun to consider my outfits. I always dress casually in the countryside but casually stylish of course. Then I'll need to help my fashionably challenged husband with his... This is turning into a complete headache.

I'll need a holiday once I return from this holiday.

I can see a vicious circle forming here...

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