When your mate does a book.

I have a friend, let's call her Aimee. She's short, like me, and extremely funny (like me, RIGHT?). We have a lot in common (booze, annoying kids, love of crisps and cake and sausage sandwiches) and do you know what? We haven't even met in person yet. Now if she were a man, that would probably be wrong on so many levels. But I love her and she makes me laugh a lot. We are like SOUL SISTAS.

So, this Aimee... she did a book. A novella, if you will. She's good at writing and stuff, really good. When she told me she was doing a book I got excited because I knew it would be funny. And then she sent it to me and I was like...... OH.

OH YEAH. And I related to it all and it made me snort in places and actual snot flew out of my nose on to my laptop. Yep, that's how funny it was. Because, like I said, she's funny. And not many people make me laugh these days, I blame old age and cynicism (I get that from my parents).

Her book, 'Survival of the Ginnest' (see what she did there?) is about Dottie Harris. Before she had kids she lived the indulgent life we all once led before we sprogged. And then she had kids and she had gin. The book follows her journey from childless to marble-less (totally a word) through Facebook updates. And I feel like a massive div for telling you this but at times I actually went to press 'Like'. See, div.

You can buy her book over at Amazon for your Kindle or i-Pad thingy that you read off of or any other tablet that substitutes books these days (PAPER BOOKS FO' LIFE, YO - although I do read stuff on my iphone so that makes me.... a hypocrite?)

Go take a look, have a read. Be a div and try and press 'Like'. You'll laugh, thats fo' sho'.

You can see what Aimee is up to (when she isn't ginning it or texting me pictures of sausage sandwiches) here.

P.S She didn't pay me to write this. I don't take bribes. Not even booze bribes.


  1. That is so going on my wish list yo.

  2. I just threw up a bit in my mouth - thanks for the confidence woman. It's going to be immense. IT HAS TO BE I'M RUNNING OUT OF GIN.

  3. This sounds great! I've made a little note on my phone to send me a reminder on the 29th so I remember to download a copy. I once blew snot out my nose when I laughed at an interview (didn't get the job) so I am an EXPERT in dealing with these situations. Plus I really rather love gin. Top of my things to buy on payday is Gordon's Cucumber Gin. Actual Cucumber gin. I can't wait. I'll read this will gin in hand!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. I am ON it with the Cucumber Gin - if you get there first let me know how it is!