The things you do.

Handing me a towel when I've finished in the shower - 'here you go Mummy' to which I reply 'thanks baby', except now you mock me so it goes 'here you go mummy, thanks baby'. Monster.

'Love you Lil... Lil.... love you... LIL, LOVE YOU'
You roll your eyes... 'Luh you too' you don't mean it. You say it to shut me up and that makes me smile.

'Pay your money...' - I've let you watch Pearl the Landlord too many times. Let's hope nobody calls Social Services on me. Ah what they hey, all in the name of laughter. If there is only one thing I teach you it's fuck the haters, Lil.

You mix the Play Doh up and it really irritates me. I should probably see someone about that... OCD in overdrive. And the glitter, oh the glitter. Craft time brings me out in a rash, I hate the mess that goes with it. But you have so much fun so I'm working on letting go.

'Mummy tuddle' when you're tired or unwell. Your patronising, but sweet, pat on my back.

You watch me put my make up on and demand your go. But you're beautiful Lilian, you won't ever need make up. Mummy only wears it to hide her tired eyes.

When we go to Yo! Sushi for dinner, you gorge on sticky rice and 'pwarns'. There is nothing more amazing that watching you enjoy your food, a rarity at the moment. Fill your boots, wonderful child.

'Morning Dave'. Dave the zebra, the best purchase I made. You're good friends except for when you're grumpy and then you throw things at him. Poor Dave.

I love you.


  1. these are so cute :) i'm so excited for wesley to be able to talk to me someday!

  2. Love her.

    Larry wipes his nose on my towel.


    A seriously beautiful post Charlotte. You and that kid make me smile a heck of a lot. Thank you.


  4. She's sweet and hilarious, another one who mountains will move for!

  5. The bit "you will never need make up" put a little tear in my eye. That's what I think when I look at my daughter. x