The E word.

Lil has eczema.

Ok, so it isn't as bad as it could be and for that I am grateful. But there is still time for it to get worse. Yes it's common in children under five and can affect 1 in 10 (I've done my research) and... oh god, the anxiety. The doctor waved us off with a giant tub of Epaderm and told me not to worry. Do you know who you're speaking to, Doctor?

After talking to my Mother-in-law, I learnt that Tim also had eczema as a child (I did too) and unfortunately, his asthma could be result of that (but more likely it definitely is) for they are linked. She told me the story of how the doctor gave her lotions and potions to try on him and that she did. Unaware that the creams were pushing the eczema inside his body, she continued doing what she was told was right. After lots of research she learnt this is possibly the reason why he has asthma (but this is just an individual case, all cases of eczema vary as do treatments for each) So, she said, ditch the crap the doctor gave you and read up about alternative therapies. So I did, for hours.

First of all, I bought the Ecover laundry liquids we'd previously used, in bulk. I'd gotten lazy with this and after it had run out, just bought non bio and fabric softener from the supermarket. Then I ordered some balm to use instead of the Epaderm. I switched the shampoo and body wash to this and ordered a sun cream that was recommended by dermatologists for children with eczema. Phew. And then, as recommended by this FAB website, I ordered some pro-biotics that were also recommended to me by a Mum when Lil was suffering from a bad stomach (thanks Leonie). I've also started to think about making a switch to entirely organic clothing. Lil has a few pieces already and as time goes on I'll add to those, I won't go crazy and chuck out her existing wardrobe (for now!) because it's organic clothing isn't the cheapest but it's definitely made me think more about what she wears after reading about the chemicals in clothing and also an article on how organic clothing can help eczema (thanks to the amazing Jenny at KyNa Boutique). So after spending a lot of time reading up on how to control the eczema, it's now time to put these products to the test.

(What I'd also noticed was, when we were away in Derbyshire Lil's eczema had completely vanished. And within days of being home, it had returned and got considerably worse. I'm now having spaz attacks about what it could be... the smoggy southern air? The dog? The awful thick carpets in our rented house that I have to hoover almost every day? Her picking up on my stress, thus stressing her out?)

It's only been a few days so I can't really comment but I'll keep you posted. I'm not an expert on eczema and my decision to use a balm instead of Epaderm is entirely my own. I'm not in any way saying that it's wrong to use any types of cream on eczema for I'm not a dermatologist - this is just something I'm trying out to see if I can control and hopefully cure Lilian's eczema. Just a little disclaimer, innit.


  1. I am no way an expert on this stuff either, but thought I'd lob in my 10 pence worth! My husband has eczema, I come from a family of psoriasis suffers (and when I say that I do mean bro had it so bad during his final year at uni he was hospitalised with it and dipped in a tar solution and rolled in bandages every night for a week, poor lamb) and I really believe that by switching to all the good stuff you will no doubt be doing lil the power of good. Looking at the itchy scritchy parents stan has we were convinced he would show signs of the same, and fingers crossed he hasn't. I really do put that down to the moment he was born to only using organic creams and bath stuff on him, and also using ecover or similar washing stuff. I think organic cotton too will probably help, but there is less choice and it is a bit more pricey. (H&M do good cheaper t-shirts and stuff though in an organic cotton....)
    I think lil also benefitted from being outside so much in Derbyshire, all that fresh air and vit D is bound to make her better, it is harder I think when you are at your own home, and have chores to do round the house, you inevitably don't get out quite so much as you like to. Keep going with all the eco stuff though charlotte, it is not a fad, it will help, even if it is only a little bit. I know diet will help too, but with a 2 year old, that is easier said than done hey?!!! You could jump on the 'green juice' bandwagon and see if you can sneak some good stuff in that way?!! Hope it starts to disappear soon xxx

  2. This is REALLY useful and perfect timing as I've been thinking about it of late but haven't done the research! - Reuben has it too and I keep slapping this minging 'medicine' on him that smells and feels like shit and a) there's no change and b) I wonder what horrible chemicals I'm putting on him. I'm no longer bathing him in the special bath stuff, just plain old water - how dirty can he really be? And, I'm going to follow your advice/decisions (!) above too. Hope she gets better soon xxx

  3. I suffered really bad as a child, right through to when I left home at 18 and nothing worked. It got better once i was away from my cat, but it would occasionally flare up through stress / allergy / no reason at all and the only thing that works for me to this day, is Dream Cream from Lush. It's AMAZING for eczema and so so soothing. My outbreaks are gone within days of slathering that on. I use it all the time on the kids too, when they get mini flare ups & it works a dream! I've always been a believer in soothing from the inside out too and manuka honey is an amazing thing to have in your diet if you suffer from eczema.

    Hope it gets better soon xxx