An odd feeling.

This Easter weekend, although not over yet, has felt rather odd. I'm not sure if it's because I'm coming down with something or maybe it's just a combination of too much booze and far too much sugar... I don't know. I just feel weird.

Boozy night out.

And anyone else  f r e a k i n g  out about this whole Korea business? I mean, I have enough to worry about. One more anxiety attack may send me into the crazy house... Maybe it's a combination of feelings that are leaving me all crazy weird. I do have a mental uni deadline this week too. Maybe that's it....that fucking Dr Faustus.

Freezing cold Easter Sunday walk.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's this bloody weather. My bones are cold and I can't get warm. All I've done is drink tea this weekend (and wine). Maybe it's the caffeine? 

Attempting this recipe.

Perhaps, and this is just an idea, perhaps it's simply because this time next week my beautiful, infuriating monster of a child turns two. Maybe that's why. Because I don't know where the fuck these two years have gone and I don't how I feel about being the mother of a two year old. I feel odd, we've established that. But I feel something else. Sad? Anxious (all day long)? Am I freaking out? Yeah, you could say that. 

Oh to be the mother of that newborn baby again.


  1. I miss the newborn stage at least then I could put her in the sling to get stuff done.
    As for Korea I am steadfastly ignoring the situation or I'll be reminded of my mortality and have a full blown anxiety attack.
    It must be the sugar (I haven't had any booze).

  2. Maybe you're broody and want another one?! Every time I think that I remember the waking up every 3 hours and quickly get over it!