NY kind of love.

This time around, it was like something had changed. Maybe it was New York, maybe it was me. Either way, there was a shift.

The urgency to absorb the city had subsided, I knew the streets and sights well so this time it was solely about just 'being'. We hung out in the the most perfect 'dive' diner (the best kind) and ate pancakes and supped coffee poured straight from the jug, none of that cappuccino crap.

We went to watch Brooklyn Nets kicks Washington Wizards' butts and drank beer and cheered, we ate bagels in bed and watched E! until we fell asleep. We wandered aimlessly, breathing in the cold air and admiring how different Manhattan's blue sky was to smoggy London's. We ate falafel in Williamsburg, I bought pretty jewels in Catbird and we made friends on the subway.

We spent time with dear friends, gorged on the best sushi and vegan chocolate ice cream, played in the park and had our photo taken by one of the loveliest and most amazing photographers. I grinned hard and said 'thank you' to which they all replied 'You're welcome'. I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my wonderful daughter and then got sick and sad because it was time to come home.

I loved New York hard, harder than before although this time it was a different kind of love. Less of a showing off kinda love and more of a comfortable love...

'I'll love you forever' love.

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  1. thats why i like visiting a city over and over again...you come to see it differently each time!