So after this post I shall be on a blog break because if you hadn't yet realised... I'm going to New York on Thursday. DUH. I have finally submitted my first assignment (after lots of screaming, shouting and crying and an unsent email to my tutor telling her I QUIT) and have three quarters packed so I'm almost ready to rock and roll.

I shall be back in a week or so with tales of America and Lil's photo shoot with the amazing Flannery o' Kafka, pictures of the food I'm going to gorge on and a load of drizzle on how much I LOVE NYC and how MISERABLE I am to be home.

Have a happy, happy Mothers Day (if you're a Mum) and I hope you lovely Mamas get spoilt rotten (and if you don't, take baby daddies bankcard and treat yo bad self).

Lots of lovin'

Charlotte and Lilian xoxo

P.S Go take a look at this, the last film gave me goosebumps. I'm so excited to meet with Andrea and have her take Lil's photo.


  1. Share it all...please!? It'll be the closest I get to NYC for a good long while. Or is that sitting on the sofa watching Girls?
    Have fun xx