Sick in New York.

Greetings from The Big Apple. I'm currently in bed (it's 12pm) with an awful cold, cough and sore throat and feeling very sorry for myself.


 Not ideal.

Yesterday was the shoot with Flannery o'Kafka in Central Park and we had such a fun couple of hours. Andrea is the most amazing photographer and Lil absolutely adored her ('Mummy, Andrea gone?'). I can't wait to see the photos and share some of them with you. It was such a glorious, sunny day and Lil was on form (although not so much for the rest of the trip - fuck you, teething).

We fly back tomorrow (major sad face, I'd rather be sick in NY for sure) and then it's service as usual I suppose... More assignments to write and tantrums to deal with. I'll write about our trip in more detail once we're home and I'm fixed.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday xoxo


  1. Not a rotten cold, that's rubbish! Poor you! Glad your shoot went well though. Hope you've had a great time.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. get better soon!
    It sounds like Lil's teething is awful, poor girls. G has never been too bad with it, but I do give her chamomilla pills at a really high strength (I order specifically for her as you won't find that strength in the shops). I think they might help, so if you want to try homeopathy let me know and I'll check exactly what I give G
    Safe journey back.

  3. Hi Charlotte

    Just wanted to thank you for recommending Budhism for Mothers on your blog. I bought it after I read an old post of yours and it's great. Also I saw your comment on Twitter last night about sugar coated mummy blogs - I'd never get involved in voting for blogs because I'm not that into them but - you shouldn't be discouraged or think that everyone likes that kind of stuff. I really like the honesty of your blog and I think ackowledging the rage and frustration that comes with motherhood along with the good stuff is really important.